Parents Sacrifice 15 Year Old Daughter To Get 5 Kg Gold!

Greed for 5 kg gold led father to sacrifice his young daughter

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This world has full of greedy people who even kill their relatives for the greed of money. Sometimes, people can go to any extent for money. It is sad to know that a jeweler from UP Mahaveer Prasad who is 55 years old and his wife 50 years old Pushpa sacrificed their daughter for the greed of money. 

Today we are going to share an incident of two greedy people who sacrificed their daughter for the 5kg gold. Read the full story below:

A jeweler from UP Mahaveer Prasad and his wife Pushpa were facing financial hardship. They were looking for a way out of it.  This was when their driver Krishna Sharma gave them a terrible suggestion about sacrificing their daughter to get a 5kg of gold.

Their driver told them that if they sacrifice Kavita, their 15 year old daughter, they would get 5 kg gold buried. Moreover, he said that they would get this gold only once the rituals are performed. So, in an attempt to become rich, they agreed to sacrifice Kavita.

Brief story:

On Tuesday night, they all went to Annapurna temple where they performed prayers. Before heading for a peepul tree between Piparia and Badhosa villages. Sharma said the girl, who was semi-conscious, was stripped for the ritual in front of the parents. Then he strangulated her as a part of the ritual and the dumped the body in a nearby field. While hiding the body of the girl, Sharma raped it as the parents stood nearby. He then slightly cut open the neck to collect blood to be offered to the deity.

After everything completed they never found the gold. The victim’s father, Mahaveer Prasad (55), who is a jeweler, then complained to the police against exorcist Krishna Sharma for kidnapping his daughter, Kavita.

Additional superintendent of police, Kannauj, Keshav Goswami said the police had recovered the body from the field and sent it for post mortem. The girl’s parents have been taken into custody for questioning.  Police officials arrested sharma (driver) from Kannauj district’s Thatiya village.

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