Top 10 Most Popular and Richest Indian Youtubers

Presenting you these top 10 famous Indian youtubers who choose youtube as a career. These people are self made stars. They started with a dream and yes they are here today well known Youtubers in Indian.

#1 BB Ki Vines

One of the Famous YouTubers in India and he is famous for his 18+ comedy video. He is guy named Bhuvan Bam from Delhi and has 3,279047 subcribers. He started journey in 2015. People from India & Pakistan are main viewers of his channel.

#2 Nisha Madhulika

Nisha madhulika is a woman and a chef who chooses YouTube as career in age of 56. She provides various Indian vegetarian dishes with very simple steps so that people can easily understand. she started a blog in 2007 and then after few years she joined YouTube. She has 2,149,757 subscribers.

#3 All India Bakchod

Tanmay Bhat is one of the famous YouTube stand-up comedians. He is a co-founder of All India Bakchod (AIB). AIB also features on Forbes India’s 2015 list of top earning celebrities. AIB has 2,225,380 subscribers.
They make sketches, podcasts, web shows and other things for the internet’s validation. He is from Mumbai. Started his journey in 2009.

#4 Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti Arjun Anand Joined YouTube in the year of 2010 when she was in Washington DC, US. Her Techie husband recently quit his job to build her YouTube channel and now they are working together. She has 765,656 subcribers. She is working on Fashion, Beauty, Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, Cosmetics, Reviews, Hair Style, Fitness, Lifestyle, Henna & Hauls, etc,.

#5 Sanam Puri

Sanam Puri is a famous Indian playback singer & lead vocal of the band. . Band called Sanam is a pop band from Mumbai. Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Keshav Dhanraj & Venky S are the 4 core members of the band SANAM. This channel started in 2012 and has 2,204,118 subscribers.

#6 TheViralFeverVideos

TVF-ONE : India’s Premium Online Entertainment Network, owned and operated by ‘The Viral Fever Group’. TVF-ONE is India’s first and biggest Organized OnlineTV, where you can watch regular shows and content, created especially for the young audience, across genres like Humor/Drama/Trends etc. on its channels ‘TVF-Qtiyapa’ & ‘TVF-RecycleBin’
The Viral Fever or (TVF), Founded by Arunabh Kumar, is a new age Media Brand, driven by the spirit of “Lights…Camera…Experiment !” with businesses in Branded Content, Live Events, TV Shows, Production Services and Youth Entertainment. TVF has 2,530,278 subscribers.;

#7 Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is the quintessential launda. He has been through everything that you have – love, relationships and the survival of the small fish in a big pond. Zakir shares his comic perspective on daily life struggles which leaves the audience wondering if they are laughing at him or themselves.
With over 50 sold out shows, performances in more than a 200 venues as well as shows in Singapore and Dubai, Zakir Khan has swiftly become the most sought after comic in the country. He started youtube in 2011 and has 611,226 subscribers.

#8 CarryMinati

I AM A PERSON WHO INSULTS PEOPLE FOR YOUTUBE MONEY . he has 1,249,110 and joined in 2014. This guy has good sense of humor and he will make you laugh for sure.

#9 Technical Guruji

Gaurav chaudhari is man behind Technical Guruji. He has total of 1,960,420 subscribers and joined youtube in the year of 2015. His motive behind creating this channel was to make Easy to Understand.  He wanted each and every Individual whoever is interested in technology to be able to understand it in the easiest possible way.

#10 Geekyranjit

richest indian youtubers

One of the most viewed Tech channels in India. Ranjit Kumar started youtube as a career in the year of 2011. He gives Expert Opinion on Tech – Reviews on tech product / gadgets & smartphones and how to effectively use them in your daily life. He has 906,993 subscribers.

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